Saturday, July 31, 2010


Finally, I watched INCEPTION last night, last show.

I was rather blank when I left the theatre, the perplexity of the whole movie had overtaken me, I was uncomfortable in a way, walking down the stairs I could feel some occult qualities to the mundane surroundings.

I was wondering reality can be so confusing, that dreams become reality. Reality, like dream, might just be a perception with physical laws in place.

In the world of dreams, or the subconscious mind, where you are the creator, God, one plays a game, where the broad nature’s law that silently govern us are rather blatantly flouted, is here that one is thrown into a limbo- in a dimensionless space.
Here the mandate was to use your mind as a scene of crime. I have better options.

But death seem to be the only limitation. Where death in the dreams would mean that one would wake up to reality. Interesting. Does death throws us open to another reality… that is a more real seems to be a vicious cycle and scary too at some level. So I better keep my subconscious mind to sleep so that I do not dream to manipulate reality.

All said and done a great movie after a long time.

Full credit to Christopher Nolan, a very successful Englishman in Hollywood, has made it big with likes of The Dark Knight and many more such movies where his fascination with the unexplored horizons of mind comes out clearly.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food is Bliss

The Delhi khana (or the Delhi foodie) group is a great stress buster for me, a break from the mundane existence. Though, the group’s commitment to a particular nature of food was absolute…non-elite joints for the masses that serve non-vegetarian food, with the flavour of a unique culture….that does not come easy: it is either due to years of doing…or is a legacy passed on and kept alive by generations by practice. Here food defies logic.

Lately, there have been intruders who are vegetarians, and they have effectively changed the mandate of the group, or I would say, expanded the mandate of the group, have shown the gang that all that is true for meat can equally be true for grass. Crass is what some of us may think of this. But they have a point.

I would put it like this: the greatest gift God has bestowed to humanity is taste buds [Bitter tastes are mostly sensed towards the back and rear sides of the tongue while salty and sweet tastes are mostly tasted at the tip and sour tastes are mostly tasted at the sides of the tongue, at the middle and towards the front]. The greatest feast of the humanity has been to pamper these taste buds in so many significant and magnificent ways, unique across communities, regions and nations. It is the combined effect of bitter, sweet and sour taste buds when they act in tandem, when they send certain scrumptious signals to the brain, is when indulgence, gluttony, hogging seem virtue, even in retrospect. It is then you realise the indulgence can be divine, and lust can lead to deliverance. It would be greatest shame if taste buds don’t get pampered in their life time a thousand times at least; if they don’t get exposed enough to the (one of the) greatest sensations that are carnal, and spiritual at the same time.

Cooking is an art of living that all must practice; source of great joy that all must share. Who is inviting me? When is the next outing?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

CBI is pet dog in the hands of the government that really bites

CBI is pet dog in the hands of the government that really bites to harass political adversaries. But now it is being used in such a blatant way,unprecedented, that it is become an extension of the party in power. Mayawati, Mulayam Singh, Narendra Modi, Lalu Prasad Yadav…the list is long…they all would vouch for the fact. Courts have pulled up CBI for that.

There is no denying the fact that CBI is getting very undemocratic…..extra constructional bully in the hands of the government that is sold to the party line; weak prime minister with small political stature only helps.

And when it comes to real investigations, like the murder mystery of Aarushi killing, they have been a dismal failure, it has been two years and the clock is ticking. Aarushi murderers can rest in peace....not her soul.

Sad. And disgusting.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tigers are fighting toughest battle against extinction in India. And worst they are being killed to fuel organized illegal trade in their parts that has a thriving market in China. I did a cover on how tigers are killed by paid mercenaries, who belong to hunting tribes, to keep the supply chain running.


Food For Thought

Recently I did a story for India Today, where i work, titled: Food for Thought.

The story is about harnessing nature's technology that is developed by farmers for ages by a process called artificial selection, and passed on for generation as a revered heritage (i call it living knowledge). It offers a complete, and varied solution, to the greatest problem that confonts humanity: food security in light of the stange climatic disturbaces that are triggered by global warming(perhaps).

Here is the link: