Saturday, July 31, 2010


Finally, I watched INCEPTION last night, last show.

I was rather blank when I left the theatre, the perplexity of the whole movie had overtaken me, I was uncomfortable in a way, walking down the stairs I could feel some occult qualities to the mundane surroundings.

I was wondering reality can be so confusing, that dreams become reality. Reality, like dream, might just be a perception with physical laws in place.

In the world of dreams, or the subconscious mind, where you are the creator, God, one plays a game, where the broad nature’s law that silently govern us are rather blatantly flouted, is here that one is thrown into a limbo- in a dimensionless space.
Here the mandate was to use your mind as a scene of crime. I have better options.

But death seem to be the only limitation. Where death in the dreams would mean that one would wake up to reality. Interesting. Does death throws us open to another reality… that is a more real seems to be a vicious cycle and scary too at some level. So I better keep my subconscious mind to sleep so that I do not dream to manipulate reality.

All said and done a great movie after a long time.

Full credit to Christopher Nolan, a very successful Englishman in Hollywood, has made it big with likes of The Dark Knight and many more such movies where his fascination with the unexplored horizons of mind comes out clearly.

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