Thursday, December 30, 2010

Negative Me

People say I am negative to the hilt. I see a conspiracy in everything. Somebody told me that there are people who are genuinely good. But to me that would not be possible as I would see some sinister designs, ulterior motives.

I am critical to an extreme. I have something to complain about everyone and everything my friends would tell me. If I complain to a friend that he should not throw open air parties on a winter evening, he would remind me that I am on my usual negative spree.

Pleasantries is what they says is conspicuous in absence in my conversation. They feel that my free and candid assessment of things make me critical. My constructive criticism is a negative outburst to them. And I am habitual of saying my mind, though I take care to put it in mild words. The idea is to inform people of what amiss would happen if course correction is not done, and suggest some measures for course correction. The idea is benevolent. But people take it otherwise.

This is a issue that is at the back of my mind. I am actually made to think about it by my friends. When more than half a dozen people tell you have a negative disposition, you cannot ignore it. So I batted for me on this issue. I resisted the idea of being negative. But then why do I come across to people as a negative?

The reason for it came as a flash in one nook of my brain. People don’t like to be told. And I take special joy in telling people things. The idea is to help them. They might not take it in the same spirit.

Is not looking to target inadequacies a way to progress or to succeed? It is. But people don’t like to be told the reason they failed. They would be far more receptive if you tell them what they can do to succeed.
Negative me

The fact that I seem to know fairly effortlessly what is wrong with others has not helped me much. Because the course correction I suggest to others is what I need to implement the most. I am in a fix. And I see me in everyone who is in a fix. And thus strive to fix the fix.

I need to fix me. If I fix me; I will not see the need to fix others. And therefore would lower my negativity coefficient.

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