Saturday, April 30, 2011


The third day was devoted to a quick trip to Nainital. It is a two-hour drive from Ramnagar. For the first hour the road runs parallel to the inviting mountains. And then starts steep climb up the hill, one after the other. The elevation on the altitude scale leads to greater elation.

The drive was wonderful. The pine tree stood tall on the landscape. The dried leaves spread on the slopes like a crimson-brown carpet, while sun sieved in beams of light through the vegetation. I drove under the canopy of seraphic forest. Road was good.

Nainital reminded me of my childhood and great time I spent here with my family. We stayed for long holidays here on many occasions. But the most memorable one is the month long stay in Brookhill lodge, (if I remember the name correctly..i did not find a reference of this building on the net) about fifteen minutes walk from the Flat. My elder brothers and cousins would go hiking, climbing and I was too young to accompany them. But I was grown up enough to realise that they were having fun while I had to stay back to stare at the snow peaks. But boating was the great fun. We also went skating.

Most of the colonial buildings on the Mall road look in good shape, and the lake was green and clean. But the Flat was a picture of apathy. The old building next to the lake that housed a wooden skating ring now looks like a barn. The Mosque overlooking the flat is now covered with white tiles with bold black motifs on it, looked magnificent.
There is more to come.

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