Sunday, May 15, 2011


Didi did it!

Mamta Didi left LEFT dyspnoeic. Her single-minded determination ended the Left reign of 35 years in Bengal.

The Left rule in Bengal is described as a third degree cancer with every organ of the state was turned malignant red. But Didi has delivered Bengal from power of darkeness. Will she be able to cure the curse is what needs to be seen?

It is a celebration time for Bengal. But soon the celebration frenzy will end, and Tsunami waves of expectations will have to be addressed. Didi is maverick; she is at best unpredictable and very mercurial. This is how she is being described. The running of state requires, especially Bengal after Left made to leave, great administrative acumen. She has not exhibited that so far, critics argue. And then they also make fun of her Hawaii slippers. People often confuse good English with good governance, bad clothes with bad intent. I will not rule out Didi till she rules her out of Bengal. That is not going to happen in a hurry. She is there, at the helm of affairs, for at least next five years.

Her first few speeches after the victory talk of reason, restraint and responsibility. She has accepted this historic (and landslide)verdict in for her with humility. She is making right noises for development of the state and is even conciliatory to the truncated and battered Left who have been rendered homeless by her in their own bastion.

It is one of those rare episodes in the political history of a country that can be dubbed as momentous, will remain alive in the psyche of people for at least next 35 years. It is a triumph of democracy; will of the people as a peaceful transfer of power is happening in the original land of landmines.

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