Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama dead gives life to Obama's presidency

So much is already written, so much will be written about how Obama’s men killing Osama. This ended perhaps the longest and the most expensive manhunt in the history. This will secure Obama a second term as President.

Pakistan has a lot of explaining to do. Osama was living in a mansion not far from Islamabad for last five years. It is hard to believe no one who matters in Pakistan knew about it. The government or the ISI had no role to play is improbable. It never was a secret that Pakistan was a safe heaven to one of the most dreaded terrorists in the world. Now with the death of Osama in the heart of the country, near a military base, has exposed Pakistan like never before.

The question is: will Pakistan still be the key ally in war against terror? The government of Pakistan says, and predictably so, that they have no role to play in this operation. Retired generals who have the know-how say that such operations could not hve happened without the support of insiders. Already, there is news of a Pakistani army captain participating in the operation that killed Osama by shooting one bullet each in his eye sockets.

There is a lot of hope now: Dawood will meet the same fate soon, as he too lives in a mansion in Karachi.

I wonder what made Pakistan change its mind and allow America kill Osama after protecting him for ten long years despite enormous pressure. Some kind of pro quid quo?

The American establishment all over the world is on the high alert. Islamabad is no high alert. My flatmate travelling to Rampur was advised to return back to Delhi. What repercussion would follow is anybody’s guess. But the tension is in the air.

It is an end of an era of terror mongering, a good new for the timebeing.

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