Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summer of Letdowns

Summer of letdowns

This is a summer of letdowns. Things that could have happened in normal course are finding reasons not to happen. So I am in bit of a fix.

I perhaps need a course correction. I need to find people: friends and colleagues, editors and collaborator who are interested in my ideas. I am pushing myself too much. And I am putting myself under tremendous pressure.

It is a good learning phase, as well. Fend for yourself is what I am being told time and again. Good.

The pressure is what I have to learn to manage. It might consume me as it is already reached unsustainable levels.

There is a silver lining to it. God remains kind, as always. I have friends who come to my rescue, from unexpected nooks. Yesterday, I visited friends, French in nationality, they have given me name Soleil, which is the French translation of my Hindi name, Mihir, which means Sun.

I had good time with them. They were kind, hospitable and available to my insatiable desire to talk. One of them was really good to me when I needed it badly. So when things really go wrong, I find something that just keeps me afloat. So I thank whomever I need to.

Yesterday, I met family. That helped.

But this summer of letdown has to end. The rising heat should come as saving grace to me. This week is crucial. I have two important meetings that may change the complexion of this summer.

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