Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Will Osama death fume Jihadis to act?

Will Osama death fume Jihadis to act?

The thing that bugs me about the Osama killing by Obama forces is that it might be given religious colour. Islamic clerics are already hinting at it. Obama clarifies that it is not a war against Muslim religion as he knows that’s how it will be interpreted by the disgruntled. I agree with James Kirk Wall, Author of Agnosticism The Battle Against Shameless Ignorance, that Osama bin Laden was an absolute embarrassment to all decent Muslims.

A friend of mine made an important point that Osama was in the hiding for years. He was at best a ceremonial head of Al-Qaeda with no real powers to cause another similar or smaller 9/11 kind of an attack on the developed world. He would be traced if he dare make a call on a satellite phone; that explains why there was no communication devise in his mansion of hiding. So in real terms there is no big loss or gain in his death.

Whether in his death Osama has flared up the jihadis outfits remains to be seen. Most of the Muslim fundamentalists are not for hitting out. But these micro terror outfits that operate as modules all across the world, engaging local youth, are a reason of worry. They draw their inspiration from Al-Qaeda’s notoriety and achievement of causing widespread destruction in New York and Washington DC.

To them Osama’s death is a reason to act. When emotions flare up in this fashion, these miscreants look for easy targets. So I guess Americans, Europeans, in that order, would run a risk in Muslim dominated parts of the world. It just remains to be seen how, when and where they strike. US today closed its consulates in the Pakistani cities of Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore to the general public until further notice.

The sorry fact of the matter is that it is far easier to destroy. It needs just few committed men to cause twin WTC towers collapse like a pack of cards in few minutes. It took millions of hours of human labour for years to build them. So we should as a matter of rule never underestimate the destructive power of the terror-mongers. But we should not get paranoid about it either. It pays to be cautious.

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