Monday, June 20, 2011


This is the Photoshop-ed version of a self-portrait taken after a long jog at 2:00 hours, it was a warm evening in the month of May last year.

The idea of putting this picture is random, or it is a thoughtless act, perhaps to gain attention, perhaps not, I can’t even think of a reason now, will try manufacture a reason and let you know.

The reason for putting up this picture is random. It is not a random reason.

But, since, now, I have decided to display my artwork, as ordinary as my writing, I will start with my own doctored picture.

Yes I am being confronted by my ordinariness.

This picture is indicative of my life today. It is anyone’s guess!

i get No. No. No.......for all my Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!! This is not random.

This fact of life: I am getting unequivocal No from the world that I am extremely affirmative with, at my own cost, at my own peril. I will continue to be affirnative, nevertheless, because I know no other way, since I can't stem the tide, I hope, soon time will turn the tide.

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