Monday, June 27, 2011


Of course reality is absolute and the amorphous and abstract concepts of honesty, corruption, fair play are relative and open to interpretation.

Reality is not abstract at all. Reality is the sum total of sets of events that are taking place around us.

But in the absence of perfect information or selective dissemination of information or due to limited perception, the reality gets coloured and clouded. I repeat perception of reality is relative not the reality itself. I agree we don’t or might not understand reality because it manifests itself in complex forms.

Reality is not limited by sum of all our senses, physical and intellectual. We can perceive a limited range of visible spectrum that does not mean reality does not exist beyond the visible spectrum, it is just the we cannot perceive it. We can now see minutest organism by aid of microscope, but when we couldn't, it didn't mean that it did not exist or was not part of reality.

As our ability to probe reality grew, the false perception about reality got cleared in the light of new facts and discoveries.

If two people cannot ‘see’ or perceive reality in the same manner does not make reality amorphous, it is just that that two perceive reality differently.

It is like taking picture of the same object at the same time but from different directions, the images will be different but the reality is the same.

The lesson is that we should accept reality as it is. It is difficult to deal with reality objectively. I wish reality was a dream.

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