Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today in the morning I read home minister P Chidambaram advice the nation that they should forget the atrocities of Sikh Carnage of 1984 and move on. It is fine that no justice is done to perpetuators of organised slaughter of 3,000 Sikhs in the capital, which had the support of the youth Congress caders in the capital, and police remained a mute viewer.

It does not matter to him that some of the accused are now his brother ministers in his cabinet.

I wonder would he give same advice to the victims of Gujarat Carnage of 2002.

Would he like the same advice given to him if all the male members of his family were slaughter in a carnage like this.

His own election to the Lok Sabha is questioned by none other than the chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha demanding his resignation.

He is sadly our home minister, a controversial one, who allegedly spy his own colleagues.

Justice has been denied for 25 years. In the 26th year, the home minister advice to move on, if he can't do anything, at least he should not insult the victims.


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