Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lama, America, China, Happiness and Cartoon

China is miffed. President Obama meets the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama in White House. No marks for guessing it right: they discussed Tibet. Technically, Dalai Lama meeting should have no political ramifications.

Miffed Chinese should know that Dalai Lama is no more the political representative of the cause of Tibet. The Dalai Lama step down as Tibet's political leader early this year. This marks the separation of politics from religion.

The first prime minister of government of Tibet in exile, Lobsang Sangay, is a Harvard scholar (a premier American university; Chinese would be miffed again!).

Dalai Lama is now a spiritual leader, only. It is his befitting reply to communist China’s allegation that “Tibetan traditions” is a ludicrous attempt to protect itself from democracy I read somewhere. Agreed.

Now that Dalai Lama is just a spiritual leader telling Americans some profound truth. "All religious traditions carry the same message ... of love, tolerance, compassion ... self-discipline, justice, truth," he said. And therefore they should not be closely attached to their own religions that they block out all they could learn from other faiths. Well taken. Claps!!!

“Moral principles are not rooted in religious doctrines, but in the pursuit of happiness,” the 76-year-old Buddhist monk emphasizes to a strong gathering of 10,000 admirers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Further, "Moral principals must be based in religious faith not necessarily religious belief," he added.

I read this PTI’s press release. I am trying to reason. The first part is clear: atheist can be moral. And many religiously dogmatic people are crooks of highest order.

But the fact that morality leads to happiness is hard to understand. Simply because morality and happiness both are difficult to define, everyone has their own subjective ways of dealing with these words.

Anyways, I love this cartoon. The message is simple. And is understood. It is rooted in deep philosophical, psychological and sociological understanding of society where people are categorised and stereotyped and they behave accordingly. I don’t know who is done this cartoon, I pilfered it from somewhere, is a work of a genius.

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