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Lyrical genius, soulful singing-1

Hindi feature film songs are soulful, some of the oldies, it is soothing to ears and quieten the unrest within. The lyrics are so good, simple and direct, yet deep, I wonder what the poet went through that made him write these lines, the feelings he harboured, feelings that he could not deal with, is so effectively evoked in songs they wrote, those feelings are relived by every intent listener.

I am pensive, alone; Mukesh and Mohammed Rafi’s voices are like a balm.


One of my cousins is such a big fan of Rafi’s voice that he has declared Rafi a saint on just his ability to sing soulful. He has a point, shallow person cannot sing soulfully. Great vocal cords is a must, it is a great heart that makes singing emotive and divine.

In this song Mukesh is at his best. I don’t like Mukesh very much but this song is special and no other singer could have done justice to it given the way Mukesh sang it. I could feel the pain in his voice transcend from the lyrics.

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Dil Se Tujhko Bedili Hai You are heartless in the matters of heart
Mujhko Hai Dil Ka Guroor I am glad hearted about yearnings of my heart,
Tu Yeh Maane Ya Na Maane You may agree to this or not
Log Maanenge Zaroor but people will surely concur

Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai This is my madness
Ya Mohabbat Ka Suroor or is it enchantment + euphoria of love
Tu Na Pehchaane To Hai Yeh If you can’t make out
Teri Nazron Ka Kusoor then your eyes+sight is at fault
Yeh Mera Deewanapan.. This is my madness...

Dil Ko Teri Hi Tamanna heart pine for only you
Dil Ko Hai Tujhse Hi Pyar , hearts loves only you,
Chaahe Tu Aaye Na Aaye Even if you come or not
Hum Karenge Intezaar , I will wait for you,
Yeh Mera Deewanapan... This my madness…

Aise Veerane Mein Ek Din In this bareness one day
Ghut Ke Mar Jayenge Hum will die of suffocation
Jitna Ji Chaahe Pukaro Howsoever much you may call for me
Phir Nahin Aayenge Hum then I will never come
Yeh Mera Deewanapan... This my madness …

This song from the movie Hum Dono, sung by Rafi, is a lyrical gem by Sahir Ludhianvi.

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Kabhi Khud Pe Sometimes on my own being,
Kabhi Haalaat Pe Sometimes on the state of affairs
Rona Aaya felt like crying

Baat Nikli When conferred
To Har Ik Baat Pe Rona Aaya felt like crying about everything

Hum To Samjhe The Ki Hum Bhool Gaye Hain Unko I fancied, I have forgotten her (or him, gender neutral)
Kya Hua Aaj what happened today?
Yeh Kis Baat Pe Rona Aaya What made me cry?
Kabhi Khud Pe... Sometimes on my own being

Kis Liye Jeete Hain Hum Why do we live?
Kiske Liye Jeete Hain for whom?
Baarha Aise Sawalat Pe Rona Aaya now, such questions make me cry
Kabhi Khud Pe... Sometimes on my own being

Kaun rota hai kisi aur ki khatir aye dost, who cries for others, hey friend?
sab ko apni hi kisi baat pe rona aaya everyone has enough of their own to cry about
Kabhi Khud Pe... Sometimes on my own being

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