Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lyrical Genius, Soulful Singing 2: Evening!

These are two gems from Hindi film music. The common interesting aspect of these songs is the they say evening or the dusk is when the pang of separation of the beloved is felt the most. In the evening the reassuring presence of beloved compensates for a day long of struggle with the outside world.

Song 1:
Shaam-E-Gham Ki Qasam Aaj Ghamgin Hain Hum
Aa Bhi Jaa Aa Bhi Jaa Aaj Mere Sanam
Shaam-E-Gham Ki Qasam
Dil Pareshaan Hain Raat Veeraan Hai
Dekh Jaa Kis Tarah Aaj Tanha Hain Hum
Shaam-E-Gham Ki Qasam

I swear by this morose +sorrowful evening,
I am so anguished today
Please come, please come today my beloved,
I swear by doleful evening how badly I miss you
My heart is disquiet, agonised; this night is vapid,
Come and see how lonely I am today

Chain Kaisa Jo Pehlu Mein Tu Hi Nahin
Maar Daale Na Dard-E-Judaai Kahin
Rut Haseen Hain To Kya Chandni Hai To Kya
Chandni Zulm Hai Aur Judaai Sitam
Shaam-E-Gham Ki Qasam

What peace of mind if you are not there by my side?
The pang of separation might kill me, I hope not
What if the weather is beatific?
What if the night is glowing in the moonlight?
Moonlight is torture,
Your absence is tormenting..
I swear by this morose evening

Ab To Aaja Ke Ab Raat Bhi So Gai
Zindagi Gham Ke Sehraav Mein Kho Gai
Dhoondhti Hai Nazar Tu Kahaan Hai Magar
Dekhte Dekhte Aaya Aankhon Mein Num
Shaam-E-Gham Ki Qasam

I implore come now, even the night is gone to sleep
And my life is lost in the dark, thick haze of sorrow
My eyes crave for you….where are you?
My expectant, tired eyes are wet looking for you
I swear by this doleful evening

Song 2:
phir vohi shaam vahi Gam vahi tanahaaI hai
dil ko samajhaane teri yaad chali aaI hai

Again the same evening, the same sadness, the same loneliness
your memories have come to console my heart

phir tasavvur tere pahalu me bithaa jaaegaa
phir gayaa vaqt ghadi bhar ko palat aaegaa
dil bahal jaaegaa aakhir ye to saudaaI hai
phir vohi shaam ...

Then imagination will take me by your side
Then good, past time will return momentarily
Heart will get consoled after all it is crazy
Again the same evening

jaane ab tujh se mulaaqaat kabhi ho ke na ho
jo adhuri rahe vo baat kabhi ho ke na ho
meri mazil teri mazil se bichhad aaI hai
phir vohi shaam ...

Who knows will we ever meet or not
Will we get to say unsaid between us or not
My destination is not yours anymore
Again the same evening…

<i>phir tere zulf ke rukhasaar ki baate hogi
hijr ki raat magar pyaar ki baate hogi
phir muhabbat me tadapane ki qasam khaaI hai
phir vohi shaam ...

Then your tress will brush +talk to your jowl
We will make love on the night of separation
i have vowed to suffer for my lost love
Again the same evening…

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