Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mumbai Blasts Again

Three blasts ripped apart the city of Mumbai (7/13), second major terror attack within three years left nearly 20 dead. India failed to prevent the attack. Rahul Gandhi, the prime minister in waiting, confirms: 99 percent of the terror attacks are foiled by the vigilant Indian security establishment; but is this a justification for 1% of successful attempts that kill scores of people? He tries to find a reason to rejoice in this grim hour of hopelessness that is replacing the sense of security among Mumbaikars. Though, giving devil its due, full proof security is a fallacious concept, unrealizable, especially in Mumbai where there is a huge influx of migrant population; tentacles underworld is penetrated deep, control city life in significant ways.

Photo: Impulse

The life has to go on. There is no other way. Those dead are gone, injured crippled, their families mourn. The poor families cannot afford to mourn for too long, have to piece their life together, fend for themselves.

The city of Mumbai is working again, crowd, buses, cars and trains ply usually; bank, offices, businesses, markets are open. People are cautious and conscious of what happed 48 hours ago, but not intimidated. It is not clear to me whether this is resilience or indifference? The fear hangs like dark monsoon clouds on people’s psyche.

Indifference is a blessing in disguise in these circumstances. Destruction is such an easy act compared to creation, terrorists know this very well. One act of vandalism can undo years of good work. Life is precious, it is priceless, cannot be allowed to go waste, due to mindless violence that is directed at nothing. It is their constant reminder that the world is not a safe place to live in. Can this stop? People willing to act as human bombs to kill innocent people: can they be reasoned?

This attack came as a surprise to the security establishments were caught napping again. The nation has reacted in the same way. This sameness is frustrating. The blame has been put on a terror group called Indian Mujahideen as we are told that they use ammonium nitrate based explosive, a chemical that can be easily purchased in India in name of industrial use.

This is a sorry fact that needs to be mentioned. India is a soft state when it comes to dealing with terror. The popular sentiment that these terror attacks generates is not outrage anymore. It is that of pity and helplessness, is kind of given, as if nothing really can be done about it. For media it is a significant news item that will keep them busy for a couple of days.

The politicians will do what they always do: talk tough; reiterate India’s zero tolerance to terror, sometimes issue a terse warning to neighbouring Pakistan to dismantle terror infrastructure. The institutional and structural reforms suggested are stagnating in the official files. Some have structural changes have taken place, but still not fully functional. Nothing really is changed between the two terror attacks in Mumbai in last three years.

Now they say other metropolis could be targeted soon.

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