Monday, July 4, 2011

Physical is not Carnal

The body’s life is the life of sensations and emotions. The body feels real hunger, real joy in the sun or the snow, ... real anger, real sorrow, real tenderness, real warmth, real passion, real hate, real grief. All the emotions belong to the body and are only recognized by the mind. (D. H. Lawrence, 1955)

There is a percieved rift between the mind and the body. Everything attributed to body is carnal like a blasphemy, immoral, lust, demonish. But when mind is in the focus: it is dubbed as love, spiritual, eternal and what not.

The overriding principle for any respectable carnal interaction is that it should be between two consenting adults. The weightier concepts of love frankly is not understood properly.

So my enquiry was simple: whether there is anything called love devoid of carnality? Also does carnality has no soothing effect on mind?

So I went to a leading psychologist, (who told me that he specialises in the emotion grief) to discuss carnality in love and psychology of carnality.

We were discussing a rebel disciple of Sigmund Freud: Wilhelm Reich. While Freud stressed on working only verbally with the patients, where the analyst would sit behind the patient’s head, out of sight. Touching the patient was taboo, an approach that appears so naïve to me. Freud had these over simplistic rule of thumb: if a man could get an erection and then ejaculate, is a sure sign of he being sexually and emotionally healthy. And therefore such a person is not a neurotic.

Reich thankfully disagreed; to him the body language was more revealing then the spoken word. He saw that people form armours to protect themselves from their own INNER desires and instincts, not alone from the uncertainties and insecurities of the external world.

He was for dissolving those armours, which convert into rings, harden the tissue of certain body parts, distort and destroy natural feeling and inhibit, in particular, sexual feelings and prevent complete and fulfilling orgasm. To deal with it he advocated free flow of energy (is akin to flow of blood...which needs phyical intervention), by systematically dissolving blocks of muscular armouring.

He is the father of Character Analysis. That is a very interesting concept, a complete break with Freudian techniques. He even advocated ‘touch’ or physical contact between the analyst and patient. According to him the strong emotional reaction --- screaming, anger, sobbing, violent movements released and healed sexual energy. Sexual energy manifest in electrical potential created in the skin, called it psychogalvanic phenomenon as is emitted as blue radiation, like aura. Which in practical terms means that breathing in a certain way (pranayam), movement (streaching), muscular constrictions, touch and massage can be employed for successful resolution of even the most deeply held character. The point is that canal body can heal mind.

Body is sensitive and most potent interface with the soul. Denial does not lead to some elated concept of self realisation. It surely leads to frustration. Stong emotions say trauma or love, like major physical injury, may result in subtly but relatively permanent changes in the body. Like a sore shoulder over time may affect the neck, the other shoulder, and the hips.

Interestingly, massage on some areas of the body may trigger memories or a deep emotional discharge.

Sensory Awareness is essentially concentration on immediate experience as source of relaxation. It is interesting that a simple act of touch can provide rich experience, can bring inner quiet.

The relationship is causative: a state of balance in the head makes it quieter, quieter head is clearer head, is lighter head, that prevents soreness of muscles, which means better blood flow in the tissues.

Ancient Tantra is all about balance between ‘prana’ (life energy) or ‘chakra’ (energy centers in the body) that are strategically located in a straight line down our body. Tantra is not just a system of spiritual sex. It is a powerful system of holistic energy healing. The carnality of copulation has deep spiritual qualities and generates energies that has immense healing (physiological) properties by detoxifing the mind and the body of all negative energy, ensuing physical and emotional health. It is one of the most most powerful alternative healing methods available to mankind, is not about just about sexual infirmities but also spiritual and emotional disruptions.

We need to develop unarmored bodies in order to have healthy minds. Carnal is not bad.

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