Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ugly Reality

Split Me by Me

The framers of the constitution (of India and of many other countries) had this vague concept that most of the people in the society are idealists, they would work to make system work and not systematically abuse it.

It is a utopian fallacy. People appointed to high offices that demand objectivity and apolitical handling of issues, work in violation. There are very few notable exceptions. Exceptions are sidelined.

Constitution creates a rosy picture of how things ought to be, but the picture of how things actually are is very ugly.

Propriety as requirement will never be met. The ideological leanings and bias is okay, bearable. But, when party affiliation, considerations guided by pecuniary benefits come into play in decision making, every time more blatantly than in the past, is frustrating, is a sad reality that has to be dealt with.

A reality that cannot be wished away: journalist, judges, bureaucrats and politicians, and all those who did not get mentioned, are party to this ugly reality. They are having a great party. And people like me sulk.

It is frustrating simply because I know too much and cannot be a blissful ignorant.

Success as we define today is about this great ability to live life of a split personality which is not a disorder. There is one persona for the public consumption that is misleading. The other is the real one but is hidden yet operational.

Maturity demands that one gets into this ‘spilt personality mode’ with ability to readily switchover from one to another, like a chameleon.

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