Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tired and Awake

The satisfaction of working late night to finish a task is great.

When you go to bed, you are knackered, exhaustion does not let you sleep, mind is playing tricks, you are in a kind of energy-saving mode, slow, thoughts come to your mind but fail to register, and you are happy that the task is done, but you worry about many things, one worry is that next day in office you will have these compelling urges to sleep at most inopportune moments, these worries evade your sleep, try play a game on your mobile but you are too tired to focus, sleep refuses to oblige, but can’t be awake either, you struggle in this state of suspended animation, and then something in you gives in, darkness, senses fade, battery is run down, you must be sleeping now, and then something happens, soon, your eyes open again, resist sleep, it was a tactical retreat to regroup your energies to fight sleep, your mind has some weird ideas, body implores to go to sleep, sleep fades this time, birds chirrup, the horizon is red announcing dawn, then you wait for the first light, but when you resist not to sleep, and want to get off the bed to do nothing, that is when a surging slumber hits you like a bolt from the blue, finally, you are dead sleep, but rattling of mobile wakes you up, you do not know when, four hours later, the bright sun is staring at your face through ajar window, call from home: how are you?

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