Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Anna Hazare episode is important. Not just because it is the most popular and potent public protest against corruption. It has much deeper ramifications.

To me it has exposed the Congress party. I had no delusions about this party. But now it is for everyone to see. This party is devoid of any character. I may sound bitter. I am bitter and angry. There is nothing wrong in being opportunist and managing crisis strategically. Congress party’s reaction has no strategy. There is complete erosion of propriety in their public discourse. They show disdain for others, their cause. Their desperation level is high. They make glorious mistakes. It happens to a political outfit that is disconnected with the popular mood of the nation.

The suave english speaking Congress spokesperson and ministers, msotly lawyers, have established their credentials as rabble-rousers. Their discourse lacks facts of existence. On an issue as serious as corruption, they are trying to to win an argument, with complete disdain for the will of the people. By carrying out personal attacks on Anna and each of his core group members, like Arvind Kejriwal, in a malicious and vindictive tone, they are basking in their misplaced arrogance of power. I pity them.

The prime minster, Manmohan Singh, who looks so tamed anyways, actually blamed the whole fiasco on the sleuths of Delhi Police on the floor of both the houses of Parliament. This is a lie. There are numerous instances in public domain that shows that Delhi Police, as always, was carrying out government’s instructions. The Delhi Police commissioner, BK Gupta had a one to one meeting with the union home secretary RK Singh before the crackdown begin.

I want to specifically mention Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari, in his over earnestness to impress his masters in the party, in the delusion that his revelations will turn the tide in favour of UPA-II government--that is already been described as the “most corrupt”-- he made malicious charges against Anna without checking out the facts. Tewari, deliberately, forgot to mention that the Sukhthankar committee report which was formed subsequently to study and take action on the Sawant Commission report, had found all the allegations against Anna baseless. Tewari is using his office of spokesperson of the Congress party to spread rumours, full of vendetta. The party and the government have lost the plot. And there can be no argument about it.

Kudos to Anna and his team for showing the courage in the face of government clampdown. I have faith in this nation because there are people like Anna and Kejriwal who have the courage of conviction to make a government tumble.

Subhadra Kumari Chauhan wrote “budhey Bharat mein aayee phir se nayi jawani thi" (Old India was awakened to new found youthfulness)to describe Jhasi Ki Rani's (Queen of Jhasi) resistence to British forces in 1857. This applies to the popular unrest in India of today that is fedup with corruption and the current breed of vain politicians in power.

While covering the protests, I too wanted to shed my journalistic objectivity, grab a tricolour and join the sloganeering. Vandematram!!!!

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