Friday, August 5, 2011

Testing times!!!

The past one-week was tough time. I was grappling with small problems, but they were potent enough to unsettle my whole life. I lost my car keys. I was also dealing with certain other existential issues that did a rumba dance before me threateningly. There were emotional and psychological issues as well.

There was lot of pressure from work. So I was in a strange situation where I was unable to attend to anything. They all seem to be demanding improbable from me. And cursing me for not doing something I could not have done anyways. This situation lingered, stressing me out. This week was marked by denial of things that I needed the most. No regrets, as I tried my best.

I was being pulled into many things, directions I was unable to balance commitment to the outside world and the need to spend time in a manner to repair beleaguered me. I did do a lot of work, though. I was so busy, I didn’t blog for a week.

I was being told a lot of unpleasant things in polite manner by friends and colleagues, some sneered at me as well. There were misunderstandings at work place. I was trying hard. They thought I was trying hard to avoid work. I went to a friend to recoup. And he seemed occupied the whole time I was with him with something else. He told me things like: he gets no benefit out of my association with him. He has been demanding things from me and I am, according to him, trying to evade work that would help him. So he nagged me and cursed me for being a typical journalist, or being a sly. So that did not help either.

I am not complaining. I am complimenting myself for dealing well with these testing and nagging times without reacting, where people close to me are taking special pleasure in telling me things that would push my already hassled self to the brink.

Some good things are also happening at the same time. My family is solidly behind me. I have made some new friends. They feed me well, listen to me and repair me with their reassuring company.

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  1. ........"If you want a lifelong romance Love yourself."