Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tryst With Destiny

Independence Day. I thought of thinking of good things today, and would be delusional.

Corruption, Anna Hazare and Congress Party: I have a sense that something will happen here that we in the media will be obliged to call it 'unprecedented'. Congress spokespersons have lost all sense of propriety. They look desperate, the politics of recrimination is all that is left for them to pursue. I feel sorry.

Earlier today I wrote to a few friends: Corruption is a cancer, has been said ample of times. And that it needs to be addressed is also been said a thousand times. The people in power have a lot to hide: there is an unholy nexus between the politicians-bureaucrats-corporate. Present arrangement helps them. Any potent step that will disturb this cosy arrangement will be opposed. They call an anti corruption body, like Lokpal, unconstitutional. Is corruption constitutionally valid activity?

The priorities are skewed. What else do you expect?

But this Country has space for all. There is scope for good work. India will move stronger from here. It is a country of contradictions. These contradictions keep it going, not hinder. India remains an unfinished agenda. The tryst with destiny is perpetual……

Jai Hind.

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