Thursday, September 8, 2011

Delhi Blast: a date with bloody killings

It is understood that terror is not easy to deal with. There will be sadist people who will derive pleasure in killing innocent people. The mindless violence will continue to happen and the precious lives will be wasted.

It is distressing to me that we as a society are indifferent to these terror attacks. We consider it a fait accompli. We are immune to the miseries of others. We are glad to be alive while people are getting consumed by ghastly violence. Today, Delhi functioned normally. The coffee shops, business establishments were crowded; I saw people shopping fancy jewelleries. The pace of the city was hampered a bit, but not due to the bomb blast that left 12 dead and more than 60 injured, but due to heave rain.

The government on the other hand was out with a prompt stereotype response: tragedy, condemn attack, not our fault, the whole country is on red alert (I really do not understand how that helps to be vigilant for next few days after the damage is already done...the blasts are successfully carried out), prepare few sketches of the suspects--look like that of cavemen--based on the description of few tormented eyewitnesses, declare ex gratia compensation to the kin of the deceased and to the injured. The government fixed Rs 400,000 as the value of a life lost in this terror attack.

The Delhi High Court will function normally tomorrow. People will again queue up at Gate number 5 to get their passes made to attend court proceedings. Life has to go on. Some will call it resilience of this great nation in the the face of another terror attack. I call it apathy.

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