Sunday, October 30, 2011

Listless on a lazy Sunday afternoon

I am listless on a lazy Sunday afternoon; yet happy. Things are happening well for me. There is a lot of action in my life. 

I really do not have anything to complain, but I do feel the need to complain about life.

The other day, I went to Halloween party. It was good fun. Initially, I was a vampire, then graduated to some manifestation of Satan with red horns. A friend complimented that the look suits me. Another friend, who is more Indian than American, laughed at the idea of Halloween party in India.  

It was euphoric to be ghostly. Susanna painted my face. I was the scariest character around. I painted her face. It was a masterpiece. She looked like a worried vampiress, played her part well. 

October 28: Anshuman is father now. I am very happy for Riddhima and him. Santosh became third time dad on the same day.

The best part of Diwali was a very special gift from my flatmate Jan. I am a proud owner of Bushnell binoculars. I am now equipped to revive birding as a hobby. I am thrilled.
Work is good. The new work place has a great positive energy. Hartosh is a fabulous leader.

Kiran has been feeding me lately with the best food in the world.

Last not the least; Family is rock solid behind me. Confession: I am a little irresponsible towards them.

God has been kind to me. There were issues that I was not able to deal with. It was weighing me down. I am better equipped, now, to deal with my own self.

I told a dear friend that I have a got a real good push. It should propel me to break from the past. But the past is sticky and bonds are strong. I am not scared of my past. I should learn accept my past to start afresh.

It is time to go for a jog.  

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