Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Incorrigible Sister

We are the most unlike twin.

She is the only one I have a license to misbehave. I can say things to her that she hates hearing, say it repeatedly. I take her for granted. I can afford to take her for granted. I know she will be there for me, always, whatever I may do, howsoever intolerable I may become.

I have been intolerable, lately. She calls me to inform something nice. I pick a fight. I react rancorously for my own reasons or failings. She keeps listening to my banter, silently. Then, reminds me politely, ‘I am in office.’ I counter remind her that I don’t care and that I have nasty things to tell her, I will continue to do that. She listens holding her mobile six inches away from her ear. When I take a breather after explaining why everything about her is wrong, she asks me calmly, “What is wrong with you?” I yell back, “Me!?”  "Get married," she commands and then declares, “I am going to put an advertisement in a matrimonial site or Times of India.” This predictably infuriates me even more. I yell back "it's my life!" saying horrid things to her. She continues her chanting: "get married, get married, get married……. get married………. get married.” 

She has done well for herself. But she has had her share of raw deals. She dealt well with them. She is strong and resolute. 

I will never learn to deal with her properly and will remain atrocious and absurd as always. 

Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, she is nowhere close to me in terms of grayness of matter inside the brain. She tells me “okay, if it makes you feel better,” and asserts after a pause, “but do get married.”

Will add more soon, after next fight, it is a developing story. 

October, 2011: with her daughter.

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