Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Last week was my birthday. Not that it is a news item that needs to be reported. This is to thank my dear friends, my brother and my two nephews who collectively made my birthday a special one. And my Family; I am mighty lucky to have them. My thoughts go to friends who called me, friends who text me, Facebook friends, and friends who forgot my birthday, and those who remembered but for some reason did not wish me, thanks all of you for making my birthday special. This year i had a special one.   

Some friends were conspicuous in their absence. They did not come for some avoidable reason will have to take me out for dinner (or for lunch, it is bright, sunny and cool in Delhi), individually, and give me two gifts instead of one. There are financial implications of giving my birthday bash a miss.

Birthday is when one gets undue attention. But there is a flip side to it. You have to add another year to your age (that is already fairly advance, soon people will stop calling me a young man)and have to tell people about it. It seems am crossing 30s faster than i did 20s.

I was confronted with question: "So how old are you?" abruptly when I was merrily describing my latest cover story for OPEN magazine ( Though, can’t say I wasn't expecting this question.
"What did i tell you last year? Just add one to it."  

"I didn't know you last year."

"Okay, I am 16."

And then after a l...o...n...g pause added  

'Into two" 

And then after l......o.....n....g...e....r pause: 

"add 'X' to it and then minus 'Y' and do it for 'n' times where 'n' tends to infinity."

Next year i will be X+1 and when i die, i will be X+ l where 'l' is the number of years in left in my life. 

"Okay now we know your age, senile!"

Last week was special also because i moved into a new flat in the same building i am living for last five years. It is bigger and brighter. I have done it up well, it looks fabulous. I have a big study that opens into a bigger balcony. I have declared it as an 'open' space where select friends, who under normal circumstances engage in something constructive and have no track record of causing collateral damage, are welcome to work from here, and hangout. 

I have made a new acquisition and added it to my long list of old furniture I buy dirt cheap. It is an extraordinarily long couch that sits elegantly in my study facing my artwork. My friends have called it a dream room. So I have created enabling infrastructure for creative pursuits. 

Now I can’t blame anyone or anything, or my fate, for my lethargy that is like a log of wood i carry on my back, makes me too slow.  

Anyways, have a look at some more soft images of my birthday bash courtesy my nephew Yash who tried to do something smart with his camera.



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