Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The week that went by

There was a party at my place yesterday. Many friends who i admire for what they are, more importantly, for what they are not, were there. This was the highlight of the week. I am happy. Good things are happening to me in good measure.
 On an unrelated issue, I was wondering (worried) this morning about my inflated ego. 
Do I have a responsibility to deal with my inflated ego? 
Yes. I need to deflate it a bit. 
As it makes me gullible to people's unconsidered (sometimes selfish) actions. {Robert Anton Wilson described ego as social fiction with a qualification} It incite false expectations which is not a good thing to happen. And then I tend to react which is even worse. I would dub this need to react as a spiritual crisis in me.  

I lost a person who i had a life long association. When death came it made everything else look futile. Particularly false ego. 

A lesson for me. i need to spend time doing things that will make me feel less miserable.   

Picture: Sangam, Allahabad (February 2012)

1 comment:

  1. retrospection makes one better person....
    but don't regret just learn and move on...everone has failing just accept them as they are....secondly don't start punishing them for there wrong doing.... someone up is looking and doing that for us.....above all be happy...