Friday, April 6, 2012

A Photo Essay On My Mother

Wish you (grand) mother a very happy birthday. We pledge to remain, singularly and collectively, a cause of headache to you in the future like in the past. 
As is fairly evident from this picture, we are a forward looking family. My mother leads us from the back. She is there for us. She keeps the flock together. We love each other. We love you mother.
 She sometimes poses for a picture too.
At my sister's wedding.

Another picture at my sister's wedding. My mother has two most charming daughter-in-laws in the world who feed us all so very well (look at our waist-lenght). She is very ambitious, now, she wants a third one.

My eldest brother with rest of the flock.

Mother and her daughter (my twin sister) attend to their morning prayers while her eldest grandson poses for a picture.
Mother is with her youngest grandson who is her playing-cards partner. 
With her two elder grand daughters who are her best friends.

Here with her youngest grand daughter who keeps her busy.

And she loves playing video games!

Papa and Mummy when we were not around. 

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