Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dedicated to Skype

I am blogging after a long time. 

These days I don't get time for it. Today, I came back early from work. I plan to go to bed early as yesterday was a miserable sleepless night. I have a tendency to avoid sleep to sometime later by doing something avoidable. Later becomes very late and then it is dawn. I am again doing the same, avoiding to go to bed by writing this blog.

Now that sleeping will have to wait, let's talk about Skype. Skype has made one hell lot of a difference in my life. It helps me visually connected to the people I like. I know you know that. I am about to mention something that you might not know, nor would want to know. 

Yesterday, I was in a nasty mood. That happens when you try hard to make sense of things happening around you and when some things are not happening to you. 

I felt like getting sucked to the core of concentric circles. It was getting darker and darker as I was sucked in deeper and deeper. It was very late in the night. Soon it was going to be very early in the morning. I was in a quagmire.
I switched on the computer to escape from the mind-fuck of my own making. And there I see many likable green lights on my skype account. I call a dear friend of mine. He was busy on another call. I was miserable. I blamed my fate for it. Why is it when I want to talk to someone s/he has to be on another line? He did come to my rescue, soon. Talking to him was panacea. I could sleep well for couple of hours.

I get to see my scattered family on Skype. My mother particularly feels offended if I don’t appear on her computer screen every other day. 

I have a Skype friend with whom I interact on a daily basis. We find each other's visual presence in our respective spaces therapeutic. 

This blog is dedicated to Skype for visually connecting humanity separated by seven seas. That too for free. 

Okay before my mind haunts me again, i better go to sleep. 

Picture credit: Skype 

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