Sunday, August 12, 2012

A happy Post

I thought would write a happy post. 

People tend to do such a thing when they are sad. And sadness is generally about some form of loss. And loss is basically an undesired change. And that we humans are essentially are status quoits become miserable.

So that means embracing change or ability to ride the tide of change is what keeps people happy. 

The flip side is also true. Sadness is essentially then the resistance to change.  The more one resists a change, the more one sinks into the sad-pit.

I have made a choice not to resist change. I would rather be part of the change than disrupted by it. Having said that, still I am conscious of the reality--that changes can’t be treated as some tamed animal.
The best way to deal with changes in the pursuit of happiness is not to negate them but to respect them, allow them to take their toll.

Some changes are hard to deal because they change the very nature of life; demand more changes in the way one has lead life so far if one desires to live further. Some changes question the past in a way that corrodes present. 

Gusty changes adrift one into uncharted spaces. There everything is new, even one's own self appears a stranger. Uncertainty is the only glorious certainty. The senses are dim here. The visibility is low. The surroundings are foggy. The air is damp and heavy. There is a quite unrest within.  And you do not know what to expect next? 

I would in a situation like this sit still till am acquainted with my surroundings. Then, soon, the change will stop to harass me badly. 

And now that I have decided to be happy, this potent change has come as a white open space. I will treat it like a new canvas that brings with it a sea of possibilities Things that seem insurmountable now look meek. And when one starts to work, things also start to work.

The same changes that came as sadness personified actually liberates one from the clutches of the past and hurl far into the possibilities of a new bright future.

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  1. I don't know why to me blogs are boring :( but still reading one!!... and what you are saying here is like a philosophical & theoretical box..decorated with pretty words.. But in true terms do you even mean it ? i mean its better said than done! no matter how much you try to embrace the change.. if its in the way you dont want it to be then yeah you will surely feel the jolt no matter what !