Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lost Contact

This is the picture of a good old day when i had a blackberry.

I lost my mobile, a blackberry, which served so well for good two years. It is terrible because i feel lost like an errand comet in the deep, dark cosmos. It’s good to be that way, sometimes. People can’t contact me. And i can’t contact them. But there is this inescapable feeling, always, that somebody wants to tell me something very important but can’t. Or the best news of my life is going to come today via phone when i don’t have one.
I don’t want to discuss how i lost the mobile because the blame solely rests on me. My old phone is a Diwali gift to an autorickshawallah. He was drunk when he dropped me to a friend’s place late in the evening yesterday.  I dropped the phone in the auto-rickshaw instead of my pocket. I called my number as soon i could lay hand on another mobile. The phone was not answered a couple of times, and then, soon, the response was in a monotone ‘out of the coverage area’ to all my efforts to have somebody answer back.  
My blackberry was in the terminal stage of its existence. But this fact does not discount the fact that lot of change happen in my life, all right when it is due, but when it is not intended. 
My absent-mindedness has cost me dear and will continue to do so in future. Just a couple of days ago, i forgot my bag in a restaurant, thankfully, i did remember where i forgot it, and after some polite phone calls (oh! i miss my mobile), got it back without any collateral damage. There is no hope, this time, that i am going to get my phone back. But i am excited. I will have a new one. This time it’s in all likelihood is going to be an Android-powered phone, though, i am sure, it won’t be the one of the size of a transistor-radio.
So guys and gals, i have a valid reason to have lost your contact details. Please mail your phone/mobile number to me in the case you want to miss this golden opportunity to get rid of me from your life.

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