Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Light the light of reason

Wish you all a Merry Christmas in this agitated times — the cold days in Delhi have unleashed volcanic passions!

The numbed anger found vent in the brutality meted out to a young girl. The anger is against the absence of rule of law and the demons that rule the mind of some.

On a different note, I have made so many commitments today. A date with my mother is what I am looking forward to, followed by engagements of job, meetings and a lively evening that promises to extend late, well past the midnight. All this put pressure on my reckless and restless being. 

I am looking for a silver lining as the cold day, today, would die in the blanket of the impregnable fog.

Another year will meet its end soon to dawn a new one. And the days will continue to slip away before a listless bystander, that’s me. The young are getting older, child pre-empt adulthood.  

In a world of convoluted expectations, from others, I seek peace, seeking is self defeating, so I seek for others something GOOD and hope- is a lifeline- that GOOD sense prevail over non-sense. And people feel happier, such a loaded word, comparatively to their usual self.

I would advise us all to withdraw a bit, as I try to do the same myself, to witness the world and not necessarily participate. 

A girl, though her body marred by certain humans possessed by the Satan, will live on to assert that human spirit is indomitable.  No act of vandalism can curb the spirit of life. And the honour is integral to one's being and is untouched by any act of savagery.

So fight not but light a lamp (not at India Gate, preferably) to illuminate the dark alleys of conscience with reason and let not you be a source of miseries to others. 

It has to be a Merry Christmas!

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