Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's Nonsense

Rahul Gandhi denounced the controversial ordinance to negate the Supreme Court verdict on convicted lawmakers as "complete nonsense torn up and thrown away " and that “our government (under Manmohan Singh) has done is wrong".

He went on to say: "Now, I will tell you what my opinion on the ordinance is. It is complete nonsense; it should be torn up and thrown away. It is my personal opinion."

"It is time to stop this nonsense, political parties, mine and all others....If you want to fight corruption in the country whether it is Congress party or BJP, we cannot continue making these small compromises. Because if we make these small compromises, then we compromise everywhere."

"I am interested in what the Congress party is doing and what our government is doing. That is why what our government has done as far as this ordinance is concerned is wrong."

His personal views in a few seconds it became the Congress party's official position. Few minutes before the divine intervention of Rahul Gandhi, host of the top congressmen--- many of them ministers and lawyers like Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and Manish Tewari---- were defending tooth and nail this ordinance.
I am absolutely flabbergasted at opportunistic politics played by Rahul Gnadhi with an earnest face. 

He thinks Indian electorate are fools, he might actually be right. 

The members of the Congress party have no political conviction. They have mastered the art of sycophancy. 

The Indian National Congress is solely responsible for making sycophancy an art form.

I have always maintained that Manmohan Singh, the prime minister for last 9 years, is the biggest joke played on Indian democracy. The credit for it goes to Sonia Gandhi. 

Manmohan Singh, a stopgap, end up becoming the third longest serving prime minister only next to Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

The party does not respect Manmohan Singh.  Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi want to rule the nation devoid of any responsibility. 

Rahul Gandhi’s idealism is his naivety but now I am tempted to believe his opportunistic polity.
Manmohan Singh should have resigned long time ago.  But then sycophancy is an art form to cling to power patented by the Congress party. So I am not surprised if Manmohan Singh insists on completing his second term. 

We just not need a political change in this country. We need a credible political alternative. 

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