Friday, December 5, 2014


I am reading about 'Sapiens' or the humans, its complexities, and what not?

I seem to have a vague idea. Every time we, as in humans, try improve our lives, by joining hands against kinds of us, or others, employing shimmering grey cells, we actually end up making our lives intricately knotty, layered and profoundly miserable. Pursuit of easy life has made it sad. We might have humanised few machines, but our own life is become so mechanised. We are on course at a rocket pace towards an imminent disaster.

Money, religion and polity integrated humanity but also created a superstructure of discrimination: rich and poor; on racial and caste considerations. In the name of culture, highly divisive,  pit each one against the other. The whole humanity against the planet earth.

It’s not a secret that in the last 150 years, the human capacity for self-decimation has increased by a billion times. They can destroy the world thousands of times over in scores of possible ways. Many may call it something akin to success; others may dub it development or a tribute to human resilience. I am not so optimist. 

Human are intelligent in a very stupid way. To understand that we have to understand what is intelligence? It's the cord that connects perception to action. It helped humanity survive during tough times--96 percent of its existence was that of a hunter, gatherer or forager.

One potent example of human genius is compounded stupidity, that they created artificial intelligence. Basically a mechanical replica of intelligence in all its manifestations--perception, motor control, communication by use of various languages, reasoning, planning, learning, and memory. But much more powerful. In principle, all and any aspect of human intelligence can be mechanized by use of a computer. And the computed brain can be programmed to be much more intelligent than the most intelligent human brain. Artificial intelligence has inherent advantages, with infinite capacity to interpret complex data; save or revive a scarce or dying expertise or skill, it's possible to combine knowledge of experts of various fields to create a super-expert--yet artificial.
It took the best mind of our times to emphasise the consequences of unabated ambition (read stupidity) of humanity. "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity," observed Albert Einstein. And more recently and emphatically, physicist Stephen Hawking when he said: development of artificial intelligence could mean the end of humanity. Plain and simple: end of humanity. The reason for it is as plain and simple: artificial intelligence is one of the many monsters that humanity has created but can’t tame it. The monster has all the potential to tame humanity.
In the words of Hawkins, "Once humans develop artificial intelligence it would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,” he said talking to BBC, because "humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded."
There is no escape. Some respite, though. Either, I should join a jungle forager community , or perhaps, a nudist club for dispossession is the greatest possession, especially in this wired world where they even monitor and draw inferences from how laud you fart. 

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