Friday, September 4, 2015


There's still couple of days to go but I feel saturated. It isn't that I'm in a rush to get back or that I'm not open to new experiences. I just feel saturated.

Today morning I woke up after a good night's sleep, my mind is numb.

The sum total of all experiences, pleasant and intense, in company of loving people, people I love, kind people, is this numbness.

But I'm active.

I'm happy to confirm that all is well. The family and friends are doing what they are supposed to do at this hour.  Some seem to have woken up early, some are up late in the night, they're experiencing something that's not condusive to sleep.

I'm so rich (in experiences), lucky and blessed. But at this hour,  nothing seem to matter. I feel empty inside and outside world seems mundane. I'm breathing easy, my body is witness to and has supported all my adventures--carnal or spiritual. I have nothing to complain  is my complain.

Travelling sometimes takes you so far away from things fimiliar that you fail to recognise your own self. I'm lost in these various varying contexts.

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